Recent “i water” Mexico mission trip

Dear Friends,


I just returned from a week in San Andreas Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico and can honestly say it was the most powerful missions trip I have ever experienced.  It was only a 7 day trip but it was packed with adventure in the Holy Spirit.

I preached and taught in a number of services and was able to pray for people at the end of each gathering.  At LaBarra a special anointing fell upon the people as they were freed from a spirit of heaviness that had come upon them in the village.  The Spirit spoke a word to them about a “heavy blanket” oppression upon the women of the church.  I asked the men to commit to pray for their wives and as they did it seemed as if heaven came to earth. It seemed as if God brought the entire congregation into a new season.  Tremendous freedom in prayer permeated the place and everyone was blessed.  I simply stood by watching as Jesus and people embraced.

Next stop was the leadership meetings in Casa de Gloria.  I had great liberty to preach there, which, if you remember was not something easily done in the past in San Andreas Tuxtla.  There was great receptivity to the messages and some powerful altar times afterward with the leaders and others.

At Benito Juarez, we were delayed in arriving due to power lines down.  Once we arrived I had to immediately preach.  I wasn’t aware of those present.  One young man in the crowd was a young man who had been raised up under Pat and Karen’s leadership and had turned away and went his own way, rejecting their desire for him to repent.  As soon as the call for prayer was offered, he raced to the front for prayer.  He later told Pat and Karen that the message had really convicted him and he knew he had to get right.  Since that night he has met with the Warrens and has reconnected with them and is willing to go before the church to ask forgiveness and be received back into the fellowship….Hallelujah, what a Christmas gift!!!

That night after the service, we went to our interpreters house.  My interpreter was Yesenia and her husband, Israel.  They had just showed up a few days before I arrived.  Yesenia and Israel had lived in the states a number of years and had returned to Mexico about 3 years ago.  She is only 18.  She did the interpreting while Israel helped with words she might struggle with.  They were the most delightful, loving young people you could ever imagine.  We went to her house, which was actually Israel’s father and mother’s house.  After the usual greetings we began to talk to them trying to find out more about them since they appeared to be lights shining in a dark place.  We were shocked to discover that Cirello, the father, had received Christ about 10 years earlier, on his own, after he had been witnessed to by some construction worker in Veracruz, Ciudad.  He was delivered from severe alcoholism and became almost like a village evangelist.  He was pretty much rejected by his village.  When Yesenia and, his son, Israel returned from America, he went to work on them.  After a year of Bible study and sharing the word with them they both became believers.  In the mean time, Carmen and the other family members had become true believers.  So in this village of about 200 people in the middle of nowhere there was a “man of peace” that God had brought us to.  That night when we began to pray for them, Yesenia asked us about the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Karen spoke to the family about receiving this blessing and as we prayed the entire household experienced a great blessing from God and many began to speak with other languages that they had never spoken before.  It was like something from the book of Acts.

We had to move on from there to another home that night to deal with a demonic problem they were experiencing before we arrived back at the hotel at 1 am.  God was definitely moving in the city.

My friend, Jim Morning, and I was really encouraged to see the mighty things God had done throughout the entire week.  I truly was a trip blessed by God.  Thank you for sending us.  Thank you for supporting us in prayer and finances.  Thank you for believing in Jesus and us to share His life with others.

Please know that the church in San Andreas, Pat and Karen, the leaders of the churches, and everyone was very encouraged and blessed by what God did this past week in their lives.  It is making a difference in their city and region.       Have a very Happy New Year.

Yours for Jesus and the Harvest,     Jeff Frederick

Jordan and Miriam Briggeman and family

To those in this community and beyond that have reached out to our family in this most vulnerable time…


May I first start off by saying how incredibly moved and thankful we are for all those who have been lifting us up in prayer, receiving cards and letters expressing how much people are praying for us has just been amazing. We know that it must be the power of God released to us through those prayers that is holding us up right, in what is the weakest time of our lives. A verse that, by no accident keeps popping up on cards and notes everywhere is… “He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.” (Psalms 91:4 NKJV)  Psalm 91 is one of my favorite chapters in the bible (as I had personally struggled with fear most of my life) and that verse in particular is something I say to my boys every night… “Under the shadow of His wings” as I tuck them in. So thank you for your prayers and please if you feel led, please continue to lift us up, as you can imagine this going to a long road for us.

Thank you to each of you that attended the service to honor our Noah and show your support to our family. As we looked back through the guest book we were just amazed at how many people were there to support us. We also appreciate the way that you honored us in your understanding of not having a receiving line due to the extent of our families injuries. We are just amazed by how many people who have been willing to walk through this with us.

With that being said… We would like to take this time to extend our sincerest gratitude to all those who have reached out to help us. First of all we can not say enough about the EMT’s and the DCH Nursing staff, Doctors, and even the CEO himself for treating our bodies with such personal care, who prayed with us, cried with us, whose hearts we felt break with us. We felt like our needs were their needs and they took every opportunity to make us feel cared for during our time there. To those who were at the scene of the wreck, that called for help, helped try to get our family out of the van, that held our hands and began praying for us instantly, words can not express what it meant to have you there in such a horrific moment for us. We believe it was no accident that you were there to help us, you were there “for such a time as this” and we have been praying for healing for as well from the experiences of that day’s events. To those who volunteered to make meals for our family… it has been such a huge blessing! At the end of a long day, it is just wonderful to have one less thing to think about. Thank you for your time and resources in feeding our family. To those who have donated monetarily, it is helping to sustain us as Jordan is off work recovering physically and he is able to be home during this very sensitive time as we begin healing emotionally from this. We feel very blessed by the outpouring of those who are so willing to do anything to help us.

This community, as well some across the United States, and even some across oceans has truly showed us the meaning of true community… We see now clearer more than ever the way we are meant to take care of one another. In (1 Cor. 12:12-27 says it much better than I can) vs.26-27 in particular, “And if one member suffers, all members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually.”

We, individually, were never meant to walk this journey of life alone. We’ve seen the love and power of having a community surround us. You have been used in seen and unseen ways as the hands and feet of Jesus in our lives. Just imagine what we could do as a community if we operated like this all the time, not just when tragedy stuck… when others needs became our needs, when others joys became our joys… no one would left behind. Our Noah never knew a stranger, Noah knew how to love people well. Quoting my dad, “Though Noah’s life ended in tragedy, his life was not a tragedy.” In the Lord’s mercy, the rest of my family survived the wreck that day, we believe that it is to declare the good news of Jesus and to prepare the way of the Lord. None of us are promised tomorrow, but each of us have been given the gift of TODAY. The Bible often speaks in reference of “today”, we each have today. What will you do with your “today”, whom will you serve ‘today’? I know its not easy to think about life and death, but coming from someone who has been looking this in the eye for a month now… We see with great conviction the need to slow down, quiet one’s-self, and ask “what am I doing with my “today”? Not one of us have the power to change yesterday, but through Jesus, we can know with certainty and hope that today and tomorrow can count for something greater than this life! This is not our home! We have a glorious hope of life eternal! We can invest our “today” in the kingdom of this earth or invest our “today” in a greater kingdom, a kingdom that doesn’t pass away.


Our hope is that you will come to know the One Who created you and His great love for each of us…

Grace and Peace to you through Christ Jesus,

Miriam and Jordan     Briggeman and family



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